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I hadn’t said your name in so long. Kristina…Kristina… I can picture you though clearer than my own mother’s face, more vividly than anyone from my adolescence and why is that? How can it be that this many years later I can still remember that day you wanted to borrow my new dress and I … Continue reading


If you watch any movies, any shows, read any articles about prisoners who break out, most don’t make it far. Their biggest problem being they get lax, too at ease, taking joy in simply the act of breaking free itself, the accomplishment of what was thought undoable. I’ve been living here, in that space, just … Continue reading


This is the first year since that day, that day an accident rearranged – the Hiroshima of my small existence. The first day I haven’t thought about going back in time, doing it all over. Going way back to the hour, the day, the year, the decade before it happened to redo any little small … Continue reading


  Don’t get me wrong, I wanted what you wanted. The only difference was that I wasn’t okay with it. This silver spoon, having cake and eating it too grade of greed that we suburbanites ascribed to simply by being born on those bleached white sheets in pristine hospitals, latex hands the first to touch … Continue reading