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We hiked along the river this morning. There were lambs in the pasture next to our path. Unaltered, untouched, little babes as if we could’ve walked there fifty years ago and seen their like. They stood wobbly in the tall grasses, taking no notice of us, only of their mother. Moving when she moved, frolicking … Continue reading


(Check out Fly, my latest completed novel – FREE to read, under the title on my page line up across my blog)  I am putting up a chapter at at time until it’s all there.    From Ch1 -Promise   YaYa’s the third dog we’ve left at a vet. Beans was first. She was bigger … Continue reading


  I’m finding things under places I thought I’d burned down. Those childhood homes with my bedrooms where I’d lay and listen hoping the screaming stopped, vying for the one I loved most to be the victor. And why is it when I’m struggling to keep the new house I’ve constructed standing, do the old … Continue reading


  So many stories we were telling won’t matter at all. All those lives we were planning won’t be available, and the dreams we’re used to dreaming will all have grayish blue backdrops now as if they’ll only serve to be just a little better than our actual realities rather than the candy coated polar … Continue reading


    “Creating opportunities means looking where others are not.” Mark Cuban         The first thang I hear is the sound a the blinds snappin up. The sun hits my face like a bird hittin a windshield. God knows! What now? “Everybody up! Come on!” Daddy’s yellin is our alarm clock. Not … Continue reading


  If you haven’t checked out , they have a ton of great authors and it’s $5 a month. They have an easily accessible app for your phone also. I have    Fly  a novel I just finished the rough draft of under suzannecmiller , all chapters are included there. Book Jacket summary Eight … Continue reading