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  As soon as I sat next to you , you in your designer suit, with shiny shoes I hadn’t seen the likes of since the last funeral attended, I knew it pained you that I sat by you. Me with my blue mohawk and arm tats, A woman, who if you met me on … Continue reading


  The child of a victim Is born with a job. Like an unsuspecting debtor Born into debtor’s prison. They must, they are expected To make it better. And the it is very vague. No one ever truly defines What it means. You quickly learn its definition: Everything, all, life itself. And this job is … Continue reading


There are days when you’re not sad, despairing or particularly disgruntled, you just feel done. Though, I am a subscriber to the adage that a soul doesn’t leave before it has given what it came to give, there are these days when I feel I’ve given it. Whatever it is. So, I don’t know what … Continue reading


  Recently I heard one of my favorite rock stars interviewed. “What would you tell the younger you?” the interviewer asked them. And so I thought on this for myself. What would I tell that girl? It didn’t take long to know three things I wish she could’ve heard, “First off, nothing will be like … Continue reading


(while in San Francisco)   Sometimes I think I don’t have what it takes to be okay. To be alright with so many things I’m not sure we were ever truly wired to be okay with. To thrive in this ol’ U.S. of A. turning a blind eye, pretending to have no eyes. Acting as … Continue reading