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  You may not live where you think you do. The thing is, we don’t like to think so. Using words like marginalized to describe others, putting them in a lesser category than ourselves if they’re in any way different or in some way what we deem deficient but the truth is, we are all … Continue reading


    “You don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person. ”  Elizabeth Gilbert’s City of Girls   I was never very good. Not one of those prim and proper little girls You know the kind. The ones who sit still, who do their best to earn the teacher’s approval, who … Continue reading


      I’ve never feared dying. No, for most of my youth, I was consumed with the idea that it couldn’t come soon enough. Years of feeling like I’d been dead on arrival, yet people kept insisting on propping me up, lugging me around, to fill some need they had, some inability to accept … Continue reading


I’m never going to un-know all the things I know now. Things like what Betadine is, the anatomy charts on my doctor’s wall. Did you know there are 62 bones in your lower extremities? That just your foot and ankle alone have 38? Things like how it feels to have new intern after new intern … Continue reading


Thomas Wolfe laid it out plainly:  You can’t go home again.  Oh, how we all sure seem to try. And why this yearning? Why the need? Spending so much of our adulthood recovering from what we contracted there, in that infested place, and yet the twilight years of our lives trying to get back to … Continue reading


  “Do they know we’re coming?” I ask Facilitator Deems. Her hands look so milky white as she packs books from our shelves in our shipment container. Each learning lab has been allotted one long container they can fill with necessary items and things they want to share with the class of organics they’ll be … Continue reading