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Night Rider

“I don’t believe in man, God nor devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself…I preyed upon the wake of the harmless and the unsuspecting. This lesson I was taught by others: Might makes it right.”  Gary Ridgway , Green River Killer (excerpt of one of my future novels by the same name) … Continue reading


You’ve been with me so long, so very long, there’s all these memories of me with you, you with me, you pretending to be me, me wishing I could be me but being you instead. You my demon in fallen angel’s robes. All these snapshots of us, like props used for old horror picture shows, … Continue reading

Witness “Stories carry the power to shape our futures and to heal” – from the PBS doc on the Tulsa Massacre A story is not an immortal thing. No, it lives or dies depending on its teller. We get all tied up with what happened. The what…the what…what they want us to get distracted by, … Continue reading


We were made to want the surrender while craving the rise. Yes, there’ll be many chances to lay down in the soft dirt of all that’s happened to you, and been brought about by you. Soil just ripe for your return to it. And it won’t feel bad. Oh, people always warn that giving up … Continue reading


Sometimes I wonder if I was born to tell your story. To put it out into this world better than you were able to, mom. When this thought first occurred to me, it made me angry, yet, gradually, I became at home with the idea. I accepted it as one of the truest things I … Continue reading


There are some things we learn very quickly: that we hang our heads when scolded or make eye contact with adults when it’s demanded, nod when we don’t agree just to get it over with, whatever it is, eat things that we hate to make people happy, withstand people we have an aversion to even … Continue reading


I stare at the door like there’s a bomb on the other side of it. Might as well be one. Even two towns over, anyone could see me. Edna Bishop comes over to Graham to get her Aquanet at this same Walgreens. Only place that carries it round here anymore. Pretty sure she goes on … Continue reading


No one usually guesses we’re related. Though the difference between us isn’t the years, five to be exact. It isn’t our height, me with nearly a half a foot on you, or that I attended a university in the Midwest while you went to one in Florida. It isn’t that dad spent more time with … Continue reading


Fire season. That’s what Californians call it. It’s been their problem. Happening out there. The rest of us able to recline on denial’s well worn couches as we watched the news. No more. A new flame has arrived with no departure date. Now it’s our problem, everyone of us. The smoke filling our nostrils and … Continue reading