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“You have nothing to fear but fear itself” is not in the least bit true, but at least I don’t fear you anymore. No, I’ve moved on to much bigger terrors, anxieties, things that go bump in the night. Having suckled, nursed on fear since my tiny fingers could coddle a breast, it has become … Continue reading


So I’m pretty damaged how about you? If you’re not now, you will be. No one gets out of this in the condition they came in. And I wear my damage, though it makes you squirm with a level of uncomfortableness whose origins you can’t quite distinguish. But this is okay because once you sustain … Continue reading


I see you for who you are. Not a woman who hurt me on purpose, but a girl who knew no better. I think of you this way, as a young, scared soul searching for a mother, one who could care for you, and not return love with insanity . Wanting a lap to climb … Continue reading


I have been born many times. The duality of life is that the opposite is also true. Born: In a hospital in South Carolina,  my mother to greet me as I was lifted up.  Dead: In the back seat of my family’s car as we drove away from the only home I’d ever known.  Born:  … Continue reading


This is a promo preview of my 4th novel prospectively due out summer 2018)  Novel summary: A Tarantino-esque heroine’s journey that peels back the curtain on the state of  America’s insatiable sexual appetites. #DarlaPomPom is the story of  twenty-something , webcam and gonzo flick sensation DarlaPomPom. The world that Darla’s adopted as her own in the Daytona … Continue reading


(excerpt from future memoir :Tatted)    The neon lights shone overhead, so bright that they could be seen through my eyelids, as I lay there on our floor. I’d curl up on a kitchen rug that was meant for a bathmat and fall asleep just to be near my Mom as she’d work away at … Continue reading


    You think you need a lot of reasons to weather what’s happening to not cave, to push, and push some more. You don’t. 1 is all you need. A single thought, a sole purpose for the next minute, the coming hour, the impending week. And you’d like to think it will be noble. … Continue reading