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  I’ve heard it said life breaks us all. I was broken far sooner than some, much later than others. For the broken of us only know how to break. They do not know how to mend and if they learn it’s only so that they can have something to bust up once more. And you … Continue reading


“America was established not to create wealth but to realize a vision, to realize an ideal – to discover and maintain liberty among men”  Woodrow Wilson   I grew up in a culdesac til I was about ten. Our days there were filled with other kids, roaming streets together, riding our bikes, coming in when … Continue reading


    I keep one hand steady on the homemade bomb resting in my lap. I nod and smile to Larry as he’s walking in, raising my cup of coffee with my other hand to signal I’m finishing it before I join him. He nods back and saunters up the sidewalk in that suit he … Continue reading


    They say you have to rage to let forgiveness really start. Maybe this is my problem? I’ve never really done that. Never unleashed that gut wrenching out of body, visceral kind of railing on all that’s been done to me, that I’ve done to myself or that I’ve done to you. I’ve always … Continue reading


You used to say you rubbed your belly and talked to me when I was in your womb. I wonder what you said… Somehow, I think you said the nicest things, the things you wanted to say, things you knew good mothers to be should say, things your mother never said. And I used to … Continue reading


  The American dream, that one of the perfect house with the white picket fence, the high paying job, the honor roll roster kids, the things, oh the many many things and more things after those, is on it’s last leg. Once a vibrant force, a gleam in the eye of the masses, even those who … Continue reading