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The church has never wanted me. God always has. Born to a deacon and a Jezebel, as some church people liked to call her, in the last notch of the Bible Belt, I’ve never quite fit in a pew or a choir robe. Though the doors were open to me, few hearts there were, and … Continue reading


    I return again and again to that little place you carved out for all of us. That cramped crack in the side of an already decimated house where we could rot away with you. A place you could have left, yet instead found comfort in. It’s said that one never leaves their emotional … Continue reading


  I don’t believe in living my best life. I’ve ascribed to dying my best death. Cause we’re not all gonna live, but we’re all gonna die. A course plotted for us from the moment we grace this earth. So how will you then, how will you go? Will it be with a whimper, a … Continue reading

F_ _kable

    Teaser :  #DarlaPomPom The last time you perused the internet for some tantalizing fare, you may have come across Darla. What you can know for sure about DarlaPomPom is that she’s reaching epic internet porn star status. After two years working long days and even longer nights, she has tons of followers on all … Continue reading


  The truth is you probably won’t like me. See, I’ve played the game seen what’s on the table, walked away. This bothers you. You there with cards still in hand, hoping, betting, laying it all on the line, in efforts to win.  So we won’t be friends and that’s okay because I know deep … Continue reading


    What does your cell look like? I bet it’s pretty. I bet it’s so you. Mine is. Very eclectic, complete with rugs, funky furniture, paraphernalia like books, D.V.D’s, vinyl records, paintings. All to prove I’m creative, educated, saturated, so sedated. I’ve taken the pill, gone down the rabbit hole. This is what we … Continue reading


  My mother wore a full satin slip. She wore it under all her clothes, in the bathroom getting ready. We rarely saw her in less. She never said she was ashamed, but she showed us in ways. In the way she shopped, buying dresses for us with high neck lines, granny bathing suits with … Continue reading