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No one usually guesses we’re related. Though the difference between us isn’t the years, five to be exact. It isn’t our height, me with nearly a half a foot on you, or that I attended a university in the Midwest while you went to one in Florida. It isn’t that dad spent more time with … Continue reading


Fire season. That’s what Californians call it. It’s been their problem. Happening out there. The rest of us able to recline on denial’s well worn couches as we watched the news. No more. A new flame has arrived with no departure date. Now it’s our problem, everyone of us. The smoke filling our nostrils and … Continue reading


I think you thought you could starve us,  that it wouldn’t change how we loved you.  How little you knew of humanness, of feelings, of needs.. That you thought you could constantly be killing one and the others wouldn’t suffer. But they did. They suffered.  And the more you tried to become ideal,  defy your … Continue reading


“Our lives aren’t about us.” I heard myself tell my husband as we drove, readying for him to go back to teach in person. A terrifying prospect in this surreal, borderline sub par plot of a horror show life we’ve found ourselves in for the last year. To return, masked, instructing face to face, hoping … Continue reading


You crawled out from under the rocks of Seattle to educate us all about what  you’d learned in the damp earth under there.  All of us little suburban babies  who quickly flocked to the local  department stores, buying old men’s cardigans like yours from the men’s department to pair with our father’s old  combat boots.   … Continue reading


(a start to a larger story called The Second)  “We’re here.” my driver exclaims with an eerie kind of exuberance.  “Yep.” Is all I’ve got as I stare up at the house.  It’s is larger than I expected. We’ve been told all the primaries live in mansions, that they have more money than we can … Continue reading


You say we’re blood I say we’re water. Always having to ebb and flow with her tides. Each of us trying to keep our heads up, paddle like crazy, only able to look across the waves watching as the other gasped for air flailing their arms, hoping each other made it. See we can’t be … Continue reading


I’ve worked for the post office all a three months an Low Die’s come home. Soon as I heard tell a him bein in town, I knew what mama always said about us was right- we cain’t have nothin nice. Jeb says one don’t have to do with the other, that I’m always paranoid, but … Continue reading


A lot of my co workers were surprised about what’s now being called the insurrection on January 6th. When they expressed this to me, I tried not to talk to much. I realized what I’d have to say, would make them more sad and fearful. It would come off as negative for me to tell … Continue reading


Your obit comes up when someone searches my name online and I’m unsure how to feel about that. What am I supposed to feel about that…? Linked, tied to you even electronically now, as if the umbilical cord, and your hawk talon mental hold on mind wasn’t enough. Somehow, I can’t help but feel this … Continue reading