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I laugh, really laugh hard at what comes out of your mouth as you sit across from me in your polo shirt and khakis.  Maybe doctors think if they’re dressed casual,  what they to tell you won’t seem so bad? Maybe your breed has followed the example of Evangelical pastors with their Tom’s, skinny jeans … Continue reading


From where we’re sitting in the driveway, we can see the front entryway light is off. We never leave it off. We’d only been gone a couple hours so there’s no way Patrick would’ve left his game to wander upstairs in that time. Even if he grabbed some snacks in the kitchen, he’d have taken … Continue reading


When I saw you’d rather let me die than have to change, I knew I was on my own. You showed me love stopped at the slightest discomfort. I showed myself love meant continuing to kick myself once down. I swallowed the pills, starved, did anything I could to leave until I saw that in … Continue reading


Like a data scientist collecting data, I watch documentaries about people who have killed themselves, tried to or wanted to. Famous people who had everything but felt like it was all nothing Semi famous people who wanted to be more famous, families of regular people who went through with it, looking for why. I search … Continue reading


“Cribbing defined: Stereotypic behaviors in horses are defined as, “stylized, repetitive, apparently functionless motor responses or sequences.” It is hypothesized that these behaviors are designed to reduce stress in the animal. One such behavior is crib biting or “cribbing” is an oral stereotypic behavior. A horse grips onto a fixed object, usually around chest level, … Continue reading


There were things you had that you only had because you thought that’s what girls who came from nothing and went on to become women with something should own. Things like thick drapes in living rooms, lacy half curtains over the lower half of kitchen windows, nicknacks, fancy sweaters from Belk with embroidered flowers or … Continue reading


“When you’re disabled, you don’t get to get attached. Not like other people and I know this, but I still lie to myself sometimes. It’s the unwritten rule of being diseased- you can love as best you can yet you always know. You know that no matter how hard you try to keep whatever it … Continue reading


                                                                                     A short story by Suzanne Crain Miller “Any system that values profit over human life is a very dangerous one indeed.”                                Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem If you can see me now, if suicides don’t go to hell or dissolve into the black nothingness of purgatory … Continue reading


You were only thirteen, I think, that summer you came to stay. You flew by yourself from up north. We didn’t know much about you when you got off the plane. We knew the girl you’d been years before but the teen who carried her backpack out of the airport was a bit of a … Continue reading


They say if the student hasn’t learned, the teacher hasn’t taught, but don’t worry, you taught us well. You were all we knew and we followed you into the jungle, helped erect your tent so you could have your revival, so you could instruct us in the new land. You with your doctoral degree in … Continue reading