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  The great thing about being an adult is that you getto feel all the feelings. The ones you were told you shouldn’t, because they were silly, or not what you reallyfelt. You finally get to unleash them, let them push on the walls of your heart and lean on the chain link that surrounds … Continue reading


  I’ve thrown out my needles, discarded my thread. Deciding that stitching up infected places only makes me feel like I’ve done something, Needle in, needle out, pulling tight, never really heals, eradicates the infection. And I wonder how you fight sickness when you reinfect yourself? Admitting it seems like the first order of business. … Continue reading


The world isn’t round to everyone. In the same way that love is hate to some, and violence is bravery to others. The world’s going to be as flat or as round as we choose to see it. We spend so long trying to change people’s views, make them see what we see, and it’s … Continue reading


    What you don’t plan on, once you’re disabled, isn’t so much about the physical. Don’t get me wrong, on one hand, it is so very much about that, yet what you’ll really never see coming has so much more to do with selfishness. Extreme selfishness you never knew was festering inside you like that … Continue reading


Words alone can’t change your life. Yet those same syllables said together, added in with timing can alter your universe. There I stood in line at Jone’s Roller Rink as I did every Friday night. White skates with pink wheels cradled in my arms. My avenue for speed. Routes for escaping just for a couple … Continue reading

The Neighbor

(story starter for a future detective novel)       “Why now?” was all Guthrie had said when I told him about comin here today. He’d thought it was suspicious that I’d have a half brother floatin around out there an that he’d wait til now to call me. I know that’s cause me an … Continue reading


It’s always a wonder to me when I hear people talking about constructing walls. I find myself questioning if they live in the same place that I do. Do they not see all the existing ones? Feel the palpable division in so many arenas? The tension charged walls between races, the awkwardly uncomfortable ones between … Continue reading