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    I’ve cleaned other people’s homes I’ve consoled other people’s children I’ve been a bystander to feckless decadence, bore witness to careless negligence. All to learn it’s not true that those with more do more with it. No, I think it’s safe to say, in our land of wanton, material lust, only those who know … Continue reading


When my friends were having babies I was getting a disease. The only similarity being They’re both life changing. It’s not that I wanted a child. I’ve long known I have no desire to pass down any of the genes with which I’ve been gifted, yet maybe I was hoping that nothing would fill that space. … Continue reading


    “Every child fears being abandoned” the woman on the T.V. said. And I instantly recognized this wasn’t true, not for me. When you grow up trailing in the shadow cast by someone who was abandoned, someone who now holds so tightly to anyone they can get close enough to get their hands on, … Continue reading


Most days I feel like a splintered railing. From a distance, looking strong, made from impenetrable, way back kind of fortitude, but once up close, seen for the break at any moment delicate thing that I am. And there’s no way to refurbish, to mend in this era, there is only replacing, remodeling, repurposing, often … Continue reading


  “Why you doin it that color?” I heard one of my students ask another. “I like it that way.” The girl answered immediately and without an ounce of adolescent, self- conscious hesitation. This seemed to be enough. That’s all she had to say to make the one asking move on to other topics. Her … Continue reading


(excerpt from a future novel Speakeasy)      “Be glad that man took to the road.” Momma says, standing over me. “He has trouble written all over him.” I don’t look up at her. Part of me knows she’s right, but part of me knows that’s what I like about Brass. That it’s what everybody … Continue reading


  (     You don’t forget the day you wanted to die not the hour when it was a passing thought, an urge but when you truly wanted it so bad you could taste it, that you devised a plan to make it happen. You don’t forget that it didn’t just dawn on you. … Continue reading