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    In pioneer days white people commonly ran off to live with Native Americans, so much so at times it was considered an epidemic. There was never one noted case of it happening the other way around. Not one. See, we crave community, a sense of purpose, the equality that the even playing field … Continue reading


  You gave more than you took. I know this. Know that I know this. You gave me love: love of God. love of stories. And this is all that I’ve needed. You may not like that I don’t need you, but maybe that was the point. Maybe we are only no more than what … Continue reading


    I hail from the land of entitlement a middle classdom where all is replaceable, rechargeable, retractable. Few things have worth, lo, we know not that word …this worth. We are not the wanderers, but the squanderers. And this is what you do when you’re handed rather than made to reach. All of us … Continue reading


  The police officer’s pant leg is grazing Mason’s knee. He’s standing that close to the stroller. I’m sweating. I can feel it, my armpits opening up like Niagra Falls! Oh God! Oh God! “He sure is a cutie.” The officer comments, smiling down at my son. He’s being nice about it, but I know … Continue reading


I used to think you make you. You know, who you are and all, but you don’t. What you do makes you. What you spend eight to ten hours a day on. You can tell yourself it don’t, go ahead. I did for a long time, but you’ll be back around. I’ll save you a … Continue reading


Some days things are what they are. You are just you. They are just them. Black asphalt is just that, a mixture of cement and aggregates poured, so you can get where you have to go. But other days nothing is what it seems. You are amazing. They are wondrous, and that same asphalt you … Continue reading


They become like signs, like buildings we pass or trees that have always been there. That teen with the same army jacket on the same corner where he always is. The woman who wonders around the local coffee shop parking lot in what looks more like a bathrobe than a dress. The man who traipses … Continue reading