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The canaries flew from the coal mine, oh so very long ago. They’d fluttered and warped their wings against the bars of their cages so much without being heeded that as soon as they saw their out they escaped, only to find the air outside of it much less breathable. And what are we to … Continue reading


That fifteen year old girl who healed crooked left me crippled at the core, hangs out, lounges on my sofa, eats my food, watches my T.V., talks too loudly on her cell phone, and refuses to leave. The same one who tried to die, who said with her actions “I want out” hasn’t ever quite … Continue reading


    If I can hate me, I can love me. The capacity is there to take everything I’ve despised and turn it on it’s head. Because all emotions come from the same burning furnace of our fragile little soul. There is only one center, consuming the coals of our understanding that we shovel in … Continue reading


Excerpt of an upcoming novel , #DarlaPomPom   Prologue     I will begin by telling you what this isn’t. This isn’t a beach read. It isn’t a tuck yourself into bedtime story. It is not something you’d want your future daughter-in-law to tell you in a private moment when she thinks you know each … Continue reading


  I’m so glad you didn’t live to see this day. As much as I miss you moment by moment, feel your loss like a rib that’s been extracted rudimentarily from me, you were too pretty for this ugliness. You with your traditions and old time ways, Bing Crosby and Judy Garland movie-thons that we all … Continue reading


    I’m so used the the threats coming from the inside. Inside my own house in the form of a misguided, mismanaged mother who ruled us with fear and her electrified fence of emotion. Inside my own body with my desires to shrink, so small, to be the girl I never got to be … Continue reading


(excerpt of a story starter)    I shoot up. Knocking. I definitely hear knocking and even though I’m hearing it, I’m also wondering simultaneously if it’s a residual sound from a dream. That would be more likely. No one has knocked in over two years. Definitely two years. I sit still, straining to listen. “Miss? … Continue reading


Complicit    adjective   involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing.   In a recent HBO doc , True Justice, about lawyer, advocate and activist Bryan Stevenson, I watched as Stevenson detailed how when he was growing up and his mother took he and his sister to a local pool where there were … Continue reading


(from Gray Gardens doc)      I come from a place where injustice was something on TV, far away, removed from me and mine. Where if you, yourself, didn’t see it, it may not really be happening and if it was happening, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what was portrayed. I hail from the … Continue reading


    (and excerpt of a novel idea…)   “What channel?” Daddy says bustin in the livin room with his cell phone in his hand. Me an Lily Ruth got our mouths full a dessert an we’re sittin on the floor with our bowls in our laps just watchin Friends on the Netflix like we … Continue reading