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Tabula Rosa

(a story starter)   Walking up to the parking lot, seeing the line that seems to never end, I’m happy I’m not alone, but also a little disappointed that I won’t be back home on time. Not by a long shot. I thought I might be one of five, maybe ten. When the overseers announced that … Continue reading


If you’re the last man standing, did you bring the battle on? Does some responsibility, accountability lie at your doorstep, like a stray, matted dog? When you stand atop that hill, surveying the soon to be decaying masses, can you claim innocence? Are you blameless? Did you fight because you had to or was it … Continue reading


She watched as the trucks pulled into their neighborhood. There’d been rumors that they were next to be fleshed out, but she hadn’t really believed them though she wasn’t sure why she hadn’t. There’d been evidence that it was true. That the government had gone into the second tier of its efforts to rid the … Continue reading

make tacos not war

  So thrilled, my story ,Detour , got accepted into the Main Street Rag’s Fast Food and Diner collection due out in the fall. The story had to include a fast food restaurant or diner, and mine took place at a joint I made up called Taco Tahiti. They’re still taking submissions for the next couple … Continue reading


When I think about someone walking around in the last place you lived, feet touching down in the same spots where yours once lightly tread, It’s difficult and strange. And I know it has to happen. Life proceeds, and we can’t keep precious shrines. What would we do, maintain the house so we could go … Continue reading


“Have you ever heard that if you talk to God its called prayer, if God talks to you, then you might have schizophrenia?” the therapist asked. Even though J.D. shook his head and smiled when he heard this, he was frowning on the inside. This statement terrified him. For his entire life, he’d not thought … Continue reading